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Child Benefit Policy Would Help 78,800 Families in Central Scotland

Scottish Labour’s plan to increase Child Benefit by £240 per year would help 78,800 families in Central Scotland

Scottish Labour’s Social Security Spokesperson and Central Scotland MSP Mark Griffin revealed the figures at a time when child poverty in Scotland has increased by 70,000 in the last five years. 260,000 children now live in poverty across Scotland.

Mr Griffin has called on the Scottish Parliament to use new powers over social security to top up Child Benefit by £240 per year by 2020.

The proposal, which would benefit 78,800 families in Central Scotland, has strong support in opinion polls and across civic Scotland. Mr Griffin has pledged to continue to push the SNP Government to deliver the uprating.

Mark said:

“The number of children living in poverty is on the rise. More than quarter of a million children live in poverty, an increase of 70,000 in the last five years. That is unacceptable that in 21st Century Scotland.

“I want to see an increase in Child Benefit, putting an extra £240 into the pockets of 78,800 families in Central Scotland by the end of the decade.

“This is the sort of anti-austerity policy that Labour will continue to pursue. The Scottish Parliament has the powers to make Scotland the best country in the world to live, work, grow up and grow old in - it is time for those powers to be used properly."

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