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Organ Bill Ready If Scottish Government Does Not Act

Organ Bill Ready If Scottish Government Does Not Act

Mark Griffin MSP's Bill on Organ Donation could be 'fast-tracked' if the Scottish Government fail to change the law to an 'soft opt-out' system.

The Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee agreed that Mr Griffin can pursue his plans without carrying out a consultation. A previous attempt by former MSP Anne McTaggart, was narrowly defeated in 2016.

Mr Griffin's father, Francis, died in 2007 just days after a heart operation, following a 10-year wait for an organ transplant.



The Scottish Government is carrying out its own consultation on a possible shift to a system of deemed consent, similar to a model that is working effectively in Wales. The consultation is due to end on 14 March 2017.

Mark said:

"Ministers are currently consulting on this issue. If they choose to move towards a soft opt-out model for organ donation, similar to Wales, I will support them in every way.

"However I have made clear that if they do not act, I will pursue legislation in the form of a Members' Bill.

"90% of Scots are in favour of organ donation, but only 43% are registered. Urgent steps must be taken to give those waiting for organs the best chance possible for a fuller, healthier life."

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